How long should I allow for the photoshoot?


The short answer? Typically between 40 minutes to 2 hours. The long answer? It really depends on the size and number of unique features of the property. The average home typically takes about one (1) hour to photograph. Homes with a larger square footage or homes with numerous features typically take longer than one (1) hour but no more than two (2) hours. I highly recommend allowing a full 2 hours for photos just in case. If you are under a time constraint, please notify me ahead of time, so proper arrangements can be made to ensure photos do not have to be rescheduled.

How long will it take for my photos to be delivered to me?


The average turn-around time for property photos and the publishing of virtual tours is 36-48 from the time of the property photoshoot. If you have a need for a faster turn-around, please discuss your need prior to scheduling to ensure your needs can be accommodated.

Do I or the property owner need to be present for the photoshoot?


No. I do not require that either you or the property owner be present. You and I will simply discuss the details of the property prior to the photoshoot and arrange access to the property. However, I do understand that many Realtors ® and/or property owners prefer to be present for the shoot and I encourage you and your owners to be present.

What exactly is a Virtual Tour?


A Virtual Tour is a slideshow of the property photos showcased on its own url. The tour can be set to music if you wish and is branded with your information. Together we can customize your fonts, colors, and features to match your branding and suit your marketing needs. Tours are MLS compliant, mobile and tablet optimized, and available as branded and unbranded tours. Tours can host an unlimited number of photographs. With the Agent Client Panel you can view all of your tours, rearrange the order of photos, pick and choose which images to include in the tour and online photo gallery, as well as rename photos and add descriptions.

How will I know when my Virtual Tour has been published?


Once your tour has been published, you will receive an email with links to your branded and unbranded tours and the Agent Client Panel to download photos.

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